Question for Wadia 861 owners

I just got a used 861. It's two years old, but the guy I bought it from has had it upgraded so that it is equivalent to current factory-new models. You are supposed to be able to change the processing algorithm through the remote, but there is nothing in the manual about how to do that (maybe because the manual is 2 years old too). I asked the previous owner but he didn't know because he really hadn't used the player since it was upgraded. I could contact Wadia, but based on what I've read here and on AA, their customer service is, shall we say, slow. Anybody know what I need to do? Do I need a new remote? Thanks in advance.
On your remote, look at the far right button on the right. Just below that you will see a button that resembles the enter button on your keyboard.

Keep pushing until you see something that says algorithm. Use your volume up and down keys to select and also to save the new configuration. I hope this helps.
I have an 861 and I'd be more than happy to fax you a sheet from Wadia that explains exactly how to select the various algorithms. It's really pretty simple and you will notice quite a difference between the selections. Just email back your fax# and I'll send it to you in the morning.
Thank you both. It worked, and also thanks to Skip for the copies of the pages on how to change the output level;; that was one other thing I was looking for. Who needs manufacturer customer service with helpful and knowledgable people like those here on Audiogon?
Skip was also kind enough to send me a fax with all the information. Thank you very much! Folks like him help make this a wonderful hobby.