Question For Von Schweikert VR4 Jr Owners

I am interested in this speaker, however due to listening room constraints, they would need to be close to the rear wall, 12 inches max. I probably would want to shut off the rear tweeter because of the placement close to the wall and so I wonder if you do the same and if it doesn't affect the sound too appreciably. Thanks
The proximity to the rear wall is going to present a problem by boosting the bass response and result in boominess. IMO, if you're restricted to placement within 12" of the rear wall you'd probably be better off with monitors, and possibly a subwoofer.
Shut it off to start, and crack it open a bit at a time until highs are too prominant then back off a bit. those are great speakers the rear tweeter does not need to be used for excellent sound. If you can spare another foot or so out into the room its worth it. Have you used the pink noise to find your ball of sound?
Booming bass is likely to be a problem with that speaker so close to the wall. Tvad is right about the sub/sat recomendation.

Good luck!
I agree about the bass problem that you might have. It's not so much the rear ambiance driver, because you don't need much of that to make a big difference, but the bass would be boomy most likely. Mine are about 3 feet out and have solid tight bass, so if you could push it to 1 1/2 to 2 feet, you might make it work. If that is going to be your listening room for years to come, I would look at monitors or another brand like Totem.
Thanks, guys, for your good advice.
According to a review I read some time ago, the Von Schweikert VR1 monitors are supposed to actually benefit from placement near a rear wall. You might look into these. Then, you could add a Von Schweikert VR-S/1 sub (or two).
Let me preface this by saying this is a question more than a statement. I'm not trying to contradict anyone here, but rather understand the speaker better.

I thought the JR is a transmission line, and as such, the "port energy" is much less than a normal ported enclosure. So, I ask - is it really going to be as much of a problem as described here?

Other transmission line speakers I have (three pairs) have almost no port energy due to the packing of the chambers, and the VR explanation of their transmission lines seem to indicate this is true of theirs too.
The Jrs are front ported, so the issue of the port being near the wall is not an issue. I think the Jrs will react as any average speaker would to near wall placement (not good) If this is your only option you should look for speakers that will do well with that limitation. Von Schweikert has a lot of ideas for different setup configurations including stuffing the port with dacron fill if the bass is boomy. The bass is a standout feature of the JRs and should not be in least bit boomy.

I think given your limitations and what I know of the JRs they could prove to be a frustration to get sounding Just Right. With enough care and consideration these speakers are capable of some real magic though.
You don't mention as to whether your room constraints are due to overall room size or just placement issues due to the flow of the room. Having enough overall area can be a factor. In my case the room is on the small side, 14x15x8, and I play with the placement, and the rear firing tweeter. But they sound great, be it with the tweeter control set to high or low. You can give Paul at VSA a call, his advice as helped me. Monitors would be a smart and safe way to go, but I would not be quick to pass up on a chance at the JR4's musical magic.