Question for Tyler Acoustic owners.

I currently have a pair of Taylo Ref 2's(with the revelator upgrade). I was wondering what amps other Tyler Acoustic owners are using with his products. Also if anyone has compared the REF 2's with the Linnbrook's as I'm leaning towards this upgrade path.

My current system consists of:

Pair of Classe DR-9 in mono mode.
Audio Research LS-15
Denon DVD-5000 as a Cd player
Audio Note TT1/OL arm/Grado Sonata/Sonic Frontiers SFP-1

thanks everyone.
Ran a Bryston 4B-ST with a pair of Taylo Ref Monitors and now have a 4B-SST running a pair of Linbrook monitors - excellent results! Preamp in both cases was a Magnum Rogue 66.
i'm using a cary v12 with my linbrooks. previously used a rogue 88. in both cases the preamp has been a rogue 99 mag.
the rogue was nice, no complaints at all, but the cary is smoother and more musical imo
i'm partial to tube amps, although i believe ty prefers beefy ss gear. i contemplated a plinius sa250 for awhile although i never had a chance to demo it with the linbrooks
I have the Taylo Reference Monitors and use an Electrocompaniet ECI-3. Their amplifiers work well and have an unusual character for solid state amplifiers. I have been considering the Linbrooks as well but am actually a little nervous since I have received such stellar results with the Taylos and have a smaller listening room. Good luck!

I've used the EDGE M6, the Llano 200S, and the Belles 350A on myTaylo Reference 1's. They've all been good; the Belles is probably the best, although it doesn't make the speakers "disappear" quite as often as the others. I'm also interested in hearing the Linbrooks. One owner that I heard from got his with the Revelator because he felt that the Millenium was a bit too dark.

I've recently vertically biamped my Linbrook Signatures with a pair of the new Blue Circle BC-28 hybrids. This has allowed me to match different NOS output tubes to both the monitors and bass modules in addition to the known benefits of vertical biamping. The combo has worked well so far. The Linbrooks are amazingly accurate and certainly not warm, so a bit of tubeness in the signal path has always served my system well. The 6922s used in the hybrids spare me the high maintenance of tube amps. I have used a tube preamp in the past which imparted similar warmth (I now use an ss pre). I may even experiment with a tube DAC down the road...
I have owned the Lynbrooks for about 9 months and drive them with a BEL Mk11 and they sound wonderful. I have never listened to the Ref. monitors but after listening to many other higher priced speakers I can tell you the Lynbrooks are the best that I have ever heard under $10,000.
here's an answer from a lower level user. i have the taylo ref's - got them used several months ago - driven by an onkyo integra DTR7.1, a surround A/V receiver a couple years old. it's a nice A/V reciever, but not the best available of course. i'm really happy with the sound. the taylo's seem to do fine with this. the stereo amp is rated conservatively, most likely, at 105 wpc. i'd love to hear more speakers from ty. the linbrooks would be one to try next. i'd also like to put a taylo center in this current setup.