Question for Tragically Hip fans

I found there cd titled "Up to Here" several years ago and love every song on it. Recently I've picked up their latest titled "in Violet Light". These have a totally different sound, doesn't even sound like the same band to me. The "Violet Light" cd is a far more mellow sound. I prefer the rock sound of "Up to Here". Do any of you know if any of there other cd's sound similar to the "Hip" tunes I am used to? Maybe even where to get them, they are hard to come by.

Pick up "Phantom Power" almost anywhere. Barnes and Nobles website is great to order cd's from as they have almost anything. My brother and I are huge Hip fans. PP is a great rock record that has some real gems on it. Check it out! I don't think you'll be dissappointed.
Ha, I adore the Hip.

Road Apples - You will love it. (seen this for 8.99 new in cutout type sections of stores)

Fully Completely - You will love it.

Day for Night- You should like some cuts.

Live Between Us-You should like some cuts.(Nice live recording)

P. Power-You should like some cuts.

Trouble at the Henhouse-You should like some cuts.

Music at Work- This doesn't do a whole lot for me. More of an experimental type work.

Have Fun, A fantastic band!!!!
Fully Completely...unbelieveable album. This is especially true if you like the "rock out" age of the Hip.
Hi there,

I've been trying to get folks interested in the Hip here on the 'Gon. Glad to see a fellow Hip fan, they are one of the best live acts I've seen. I'd strongly recommend "Day for Night" as their best ever (My favourite Hip tune is Nautical Disaster), but if you like their harder rock stuff "Road Apples" and "Fully, Completely" are great choices. It's worth buying "Live Between Us" just to listen to Gord's bizarre banter. BTW, I bought "Day for Night" on vinyl off the Hip's website :

I'll be curious to hear what their new release will be like, "Vaccination Scar" is due out shortly. Enjoy the band! Jeff
I completely agree with Steelhead's recommendations!
Thanks to all for the tips! I checked ebay and found several auctions to bid on. Some have mentioned seeing them live, that would be great! A couple years ago they played about an hour away from me, but I didn't find out about it until the day after they played, bummer!!! Thanks again to all.
GO SEE THEM LIVE. Saw them in 91 in Rhode Island at a small club in Providence (which would be right out of a Soprano's set nowadays) with maybe 100 people total, with about five of us paying attention. I was right in front of Gordie for over an hour and a half and at the end we just naturally hit a hard high fived grasp. I have NEVER been the SAME.
They just blew me away and trust me youngster I have seen plenty of the greats and am kind of old, jaded, and cranky.

Saw them on the Day for Night Tour in Massachusetts and had a bigger crowd but still probably under 1,000 folks in a college barroom basically. Fantastic Show.

Saw the 98 tour in Kamloops BC. I flew from Alaska to Seattle, rented a car and drove just to see them live as that was the closest they would be to Alaska on that tour. That was a great show but also a huge crowd and big stadium type event. Canada sure knows a great hometown band!!!

Catch them live as they are sorely underappreciated in the US and put on a great show.

I have the vinyl of Day for Night and if you spin vinyl, it is a great album.

Yes, new one soon, and I will be begging them to tour AK (doubtful as they get no airplay, radio is hopeless!!!)
but maybe they will make it to Whitehorse and I will take a road trip!!!!!!!
Yes, the albums are good, but THE LIVE SHOWS ARE WHAT
IT'S ALL ABOUT. I have seen them live 34 times, mostly
in the U.S. at smaller venues. They allow taping of thier
shows like PHISH and other jambands. There are many
great recordings of live shows out there. Gordie is
the most inspired LIVE SHOWMAN since Jim Morrison.
I haven't ever been the same since my first
show at COYOTE'S in Tucson, Arizona. "THE TRAGICALLY HIP

Ty C.
It's really too bad how underappreciated this band is in the USA, it really just boggles my mind how its even possible for a band this good to go unnoticed. BTW if you're Canadian and haven't heard any of the Hip's music, shame on you cause they're national icons. And oh yeah, Steelhead knows whats going on here. Peace.
The Hip's first four Albums are their best, but without a doubt they pale to a live Hip concert.The band is absolutely at their best.The energy is scarey. You MUST see them live to appreciate their power.Best Songs? Three way tie.
1.New Orleans is Sinking.
2.Fifty Mission Cap
3. At the Hundreth Meridian.