Question for those with Tannoy experience

I like the sound of Tannoy 633 Rosewood D30 but not that of Cantons including Fonum 802DC and some other German brands, Rogers, Kenwood, Otto, Pioneer, etc. Tannoys somehow seem musical to me. My amp is a HK and mostly listen to music in stereo. Much appreciate your expert opinions/experiences on below to narrow in my search:

1. What other speaker brands will I possibly like?
2. What's the best sounding budget Tannoy speaker model that's hopefully an upgrade from Tannoy 633? Prefer big towers but hey sound is the important thing here.. : )
3. Which countries have the best used speakers (er... used Tannoys) shops where I can listen before buying?
The slim tall floorstanding Tannoy R3s are very civilized and close in performance to the Tannoy Berkeley's.

Tonally they sound similar but don't have quite the scale or insight of the larger boxed Berkeley's but their dual bass drivers give them deeper bass.

The main difference is the sheer sense of ease the 15 inch dual concentric drivers give to the vintage design. Congestion is not an issue with them. Sitting, stands and ancillaries might be though.

The Tannoy MX3s are also good speakers, perhaps a little clearer and sharper than the Berkeley's or the R3s but they're not in the same league to escaping the box sound when it comes to scale.

I have also heard the Tannoy Saturn's (I think it was the 6) but that one sounded a little muddy and thick.

Even with a tube amp.

If you can get to hear some R3s or even R2s they should be a step up from your current 633s.  

I can't really recommend anything else that sounds like a Tannoy. Certainly nothing that doesn't still employ paper cone drivers.
The thing about Tannoys is the way the way their prices can oscillate quite wildly.

This seems to suggest that used HiFi is very much prone to fashion.

Perhaps one or two good reviews and the prices start climbing, one or two disparaging ones and they descend.

In the case of the Tannoy Revolution 3s I’d wouldn’t recommend anyone paying more that £200/$200 for a pair, and then only if they were in immaculate condition.

Mine aren’t but they’re not as bad some I’ve seen. I wouldn’t expect much more than £100 for them if I decided to sell them.

It’s quite incredible people asking £2/3/400+ for CD players well over 10 years old. You only have to look at how many of them develop problems to see the inherent risks of paying that much for yesterday’s technology.
Many thanks CD318. Much appreciate your response.
I'll be on the lookout for some R3s but most likely I'll need to get them shipped them from overseas.. Tannoys are quite a scarce in where I am..
Thank you once again for your help in my quest for good sounds.. 
Try and audition a Fyne Audio model in your price range. The company was founded by ex-Tannoy folks. A friend of mine replaced Tannoy Canterbury speakers with  the much less costly Fyne F703 speakers.
I can second the Fyne suggestion after living with a pair of F502SPs for 3 months. Absolutely Awesome!