Question for the subwoofer specialists...

I need to buy a budget subwoofer to compliment my system. My options are narrowed to these:
TANNOY mXsub 10-M
M&K K-10
Athena P3

Which of these would be a better choice for a small room? Accuracy for electronic music mainly is needed...
I might need a little more info to make a decent recommendation, but I have an M&K and have been very fond of it over the years. It is an MX90, about 8-10 years old I guess, and is really very good at its price. One thing I do not like about it are the cheap binding posts, but they may have corrected that over the years. If you are crossing over to a smaller pair of speakers, pay attention to the quality of those connections, it can make a BIG difference. Especially important in the budget category.
I'm gonna be using it with a Stereo System comprised of Dynaudios and Rotels. To use 90% for music, trance and house.
I have a Rega Vulcan that I really like alot, very musical, good for a smaller room, very versatile and high quality build with quality jacks. Just need to experiment with placement (I have mine firing not down but backwards towards the wall about 5-6" away sitting on mod squad soft shoes, for example.)
How much is this Rega Vulcan? I like Rega products...
RBH - cheap and a lot of bang for the buck.
Rega Vulcan anywhere from 1k to 1.3k depending on finish I think, I bought mine used here on a-gon for $700