Question for Technics DD users

Have any of you replaced the stock feet with the Isonoe footers available from KABUSA for $175/set? If so, what did you think of them?

Right now I have the stock turntable feet sitting on an Ikea 14"x19" butcher block cutting board sitting on 8 Vibrapod footers. It improved the sound mightily, but I'm thinking of taking it up another level by replacing the stock footers.

The options I'm looking at are:
Isonoe footers @$175/set
Mapleshade threaded heavy footers @$160/set
Set of 4 Vibrapod cones @$32/set. For this application I would take the stock Technics feet off and seat the Vibrapod Cones' steel balls in the turntable's empty threaded footer holes. Accd'g to Vibrapod, the Cones are made to suppress vibration in the vertical plane only, which seems to be what's desired in a turntable foot. The disadvantage is that I can't use these footers to adjust how level the turntable is. The advantage is that they're $128 cheaper than the next candidate.

I've always gotten great satisfaction so far from Vibrapod products. They seem to hit way above their price point.
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I have a very similar setup and am very interested as well.
Hopefully, someone here is running those feet and will chime in...