Question for TacT owners/users


I'm considering purchasing a TacT 2.0S that is currently for sale here on Audiogon. I was wondering if I can configure the DSP with my Apple/Mac or if the Tact software is only compatible with a PC. Buying a PC just for this is bit much. 

My main purpose of this preamp would be to send a digital signal to my Dynaudio Air20s while simultaneously  sending an analog signal to my Rhythmik sub and being able to control the entire system volume with one single control. The Tact is the only unit I have found thus far that can do this (digital volume and analog volume).

The secondary reason for my interest in this unit is for the room correction. My speakers are placed closer together than I would ideally like, in order to accommodate my room's aesthetics. It is a long narrow room with a 5' wide recessed area (on the longer dimension) in which the speakers sit. The speakers clearly sound better when not in this recessed area, but unfortunately, placing them anywhere else in the room will not work aesthetically. 

I am also a bit concerned about the lack of support as Tact is no longer is service. Where do all of you Tact owners take your units if they need servicing?  
I greatly appreciate any input on this subject.
Thanks in advance!