Question for Spectral Amp Owners

The only two times I've heard Spectral amps. They just weren't my cup of tea. But, I know they have a passionate user base.  Both times , very thin in the mid range and just too vivid.  One time with Magico and other with Avalon.  Any owners here with Spectral can convince me to perhaps give them another listen?  The sales people always say their technology  and engineerings is tops, fast etc... But, for the price they look like they are designed in the 1980s and so does their website.

Just wanted to reach out to any owners for their perspectives.  

I have heard Spectral Audio equipment many times, and each time I have been impressed by the open, airy and transparent quality of whatever source material was being presented. My question to you is: The opportunities that you were able to hear them, were you able to isolate the variables, so that you could get a realistic sense of what you were being presented? Were you able to play a recording of your own through speakers that you were familiar listening through and/or audition the equipment in your own space?

I highly encourage you to give them another 'round', and try to really take control of the situation. "Carpe diem!", so to speak... 

Incidentally, I noticed a Craigslist ad in my local Los Angeles are for a Spectral amp & preamp...