Question for serious Siltech users

Are their cables known to be etched at all and do they emphasize vocal sibilance ? I am most interested in comments on the Anniversary cables such as 770i. I know they are silver based cables but supposed to not have the typical silver sound. Any comments from users would be very much appreciated.
Try some Morrow Audio cables..I stopped paying big $ for cables once I found these cables from .Siltech is out of business I heard. And I have never read anything good about them here on the Gon. I would also try Kimber audio cables, or Nordost if your set on paying a lot.One of these cables should work wonders for anyones system. I especially DO NOT like cables with boxes on them of any kind.
Can't comment on the Silver Anniversary cables, but all the Siltech cables I have used (principally the Compass Lake ones, admittedly expensive) were very smooth and natural in the highs. My problem with them in my system was that they were just a little bass-heavy for my taste. Also disagree with the prior poster, I have heard many good things about them, the problem is their outrageous cost.
I used to use Siltech Paris ics(explorer series,silver,gold,copper)Silky smooth,no excessive sibilance.When I switched to tube amps they were a bit veiled so had to give em up.I really liked them with ss amps though.
Do you have reliable knowledge that Siltech is out of business, and if so; what is it. If yu don't know it for certain, you should not spread the rumour. Their website is still up.
I have two friends who use Siltech in their audio systems and they sound very good . I've not heard of read that these aren't well regarded cables. Their character is organic and smooth as opposed to artificial and hyper detailed.
Agree with RCPrince. Used them years ago,and experimented with them again within the past year, Most experience was with the SQ series: smooth, balanced, nothing in particular for them, esp with tube amps. Nice audio jewelry, beautifully made and hideously over-priced.
I had a full suite of Siltech Gen.5 cables. In my tube based system they were OK in the day. Later I moved on to Pure Note, Audio Art, etc for far fewer bucks and comparable performance. I have recently tried the Cabledyne Silver RCA interconnects and find them to be sonically excellent for very few dollars. YMMV. Cheers.
I don't know about the particular Siltech cables you are looking at, but, I would like t comment on the notion that there is a "typical silver sound" and that this sound is either bright or edgy or hard. I have heard cables made out of all sorts of material and all kinds of configurations and you can find hard and bright sound, or the opposite, with any material or form of construction.

Most of the silver cables I've heard sound clear and smooth and do not impart an artificial edge or add a sibilant quality. But, even these cables may do just that in another system, so it is really a matter of actually trying various candidate cables.