Question for SCD-1 Owners

I recently purschased a Sony SCD-1. I am quite happy with it. I do have a question though. The unit makes a little noise whe loading a disc. It sounds like something moving around. It's not overly loud, but it is just as loud as the door closing on the top. The sound is great and it seems operate flawlessly.

Is this sound normal?? AS you can see, I have little to no technical knowledge. Thanks
I have read online from other owners that the sound is the mechanical parts inside moving around during loading. I also have the same sound when loading but the sound disappears once the disc is loaded.

As you can see I also have little technical knowledge. I agree with you about the sonics of the unit. I just love this player.

You have to check the metal top plate...the rubber
stops moved from there position and the top plate
makes contact with the case...sounds like something is
loose inside.
I have an SCD-1 and absolutely LOVE it!

I wondered about the sound myself, but I guess this confirms that it is normal mechanical noise, as the "sled" moves the disc into position under the fixed pickup.

The top plate seems to move smoothly when opening and closing. The noise I'm referring to occurs independently of this movement. It's not loud and the other posts above seems to suggest/confirm that it is typical and not a sign of any problem.
Mine is brand new and makes the same noise, I like it because when it stops, I know the disc is loaded and ready to go. I adore my player for both redbook and SACD also!
I agree with all the above concerning the build and sound quality of this player. Mine is not quite a year old and absolutely love it. However,I have not noticed any the noise that you mention upon loading a CD.

Thanks, Chuck

Do you hear ANY mechanical movement other than the top opening and closing?