Question for Rega Arm and Mint Tractor Owner

I'm awaiting my second mint tractor. This one for a rega arm. But I'm going to get the arm well ahead of the tractor and I'd like to get it up and running to give it a test drive first. I'd like to know where the stylus ends up relative to the front of the arms headshell when setup using this tractor. Is the stylus right even with the front edge of the rega headshell? If I can get that and decent alignment that will do me until I get my own.
I have the MinLP Tractor for my Michell Tecnoarm and it works perfectly as the Mint Tractor for my Technics SL1200
Never listened a Michell Tecnoarm sounding so Magical in my life.
My cartridge is a Grado Statement Master
You can get a protractor that works with your Rega arm at:

Also, I purchased a Mint and recently did the alignment on my Rega P9, big difference... really sounds good.
Guys, I'm glad you like the mint. I love my first one too. But can you answer my question regarding the stylus position relative to the front of the headshell? The suspense is killing me. BTW, my new arm is a Techno too.
There isn't a practical way for me to describe its position and get you anywhere close, and you need to be close for it to work even at a satisfactory level. I provided a link for a protractor that works with a rega arm. It's small and can be printed out on a desktop printer. There is a scale on it that you can check that it prints 1:1. Drop it over your table spindle and you'll be able to set your stylus position and get it fairly close. That's my best answer!
Printers can not print as exactly as you need for it to be. Get a Mint
Set up your cartridge with the supplied Rega protractor and later tweak to perfection when the Mint arrives. Incidentally, I found the optimal cart alignment to be identical for a Rega RB 1000 using the Mint LP and the Rega tool. Except, I could not have discovered this without the MintLP !!