Question for Quad 99 CD-P owners


I've got a question for the Quad 99 CD-P owners concerning its pre-amp function.
I'd like to know if I could plug a digital source (for example CD player) into the digital inputs of the 99 CD-P and get the sound on the variable output.
To make it clear, is this connexion possible:
DVD Player (numerical output) -> (numerical input) Quad 99 CD-P (variable analog output) -> Power amp

I'm asking this because I read that the quad would output extern numerical sources only on its digital output...

Thanks in advance for your answer,
Yes, your proposed configuration absolutely will work. When my HT receiver was in the shop for service, I used my DVD player connected via a digital cable into my Quad 99 CDP. I have a single source 2-channel system and don't own a pre-amp. Yes, the variable volume control worked to control the output from my Quad 99 CDP connected directly to my power amps.

The volume control of the Quad 99 CDP is in the analog output stage AFTER the DAC. So, any digital source (internal or external) connected through the Quad 99 CDP will be able to use the variable volume control.

BTW, the Quad is an excellent CD player and the benefits of variable volume control and digital inputs is a huge plus and adds even more value.


The variable analog output should work fine using a digital input.

I have a different question for Quad 99CDP owners. I am thinking of getting a Behringer digital eq device to do some room correction. Could I attach the Behringer to the digital output of the Quad, and then send the processed digital signal from the Behringer back into the Quad ... and still use the variable analog output?
Interesting question, but I don't think so. You can make exactly one selection of a digital input, so that input must feed the D-to-A section and the single, optical digital out, as well. There isn't a way to set up the kind of loop you're talking about.
I tried tonight to connect a toslink cable from the digital output of the CDP to one of the digital inputs. I found out that the CD player will not play when one of the digital inputs is selected.

Sorry, it won't work in the loop fashion that you desire.....


Tahnks Reubent for your answer!

I've ordered the Quad 99 CD-P a few days ago and should receive it soon.

Another question. Which one would give give the best result: using an optical connection between DVD player and Quad CDP or coaxial connexion?

Traditional thought is that coax is superior. However good coax can be expensive. I used a "Glass" toslink cable with good result. They can be purchased on AudiogoN or eBay for $29 and they are very good. I've read some reviews over at AudioAsylum stating that some folks have replaced their expensive coax with the cheap "glass" toslink.

For me, the DVD player is only for watching movies. I probably wouldn't notice a difference in toslink or coax.