Question for owners of Anthony Gallos 3.1

I'd love to hear from owners of Anthony Gallo 3.1 speakers. Just bought a brand new pair and I'm going through the booklet where it says that in order to break them in you have to play them at loud volumes for 50-100 hours. Now living in an apartment I found that a bit difficult, or I'm going to have neighbours knocking on my door. How (in)effective is playing them at a regular volume (I know that's relative too) in breaking them in? What is your personal experience? Thank you
Hand out ear plugs for all your neighbours.

Ask them what music they like to listen to.

Put blankets and pillows over them.

Wrap them up with fiberglass insulation. =8^)
Playing them at normal levels will be fine, and you could also let them play while you are not at home during the day .
You can try facing them towards each other and playing them out of phase. It usually reduces the volume. Just remember to normalize the phase prior to listening.
All the above answers will work.

I'd be a bit careful on figuring out just how loud is lud though. I doubt Gallo was talking paint peeling levels here... and of course, they will run in sooner or later at lower volumes too... I've never seen a speaker that hasn't yet.

A number of olks here point to using a breakin disc. For speakers and gear.

I have always just hooked up a SS amp/reciever, turned on the cable box or radio, and let it play a continuous signal. shutting them down and restarting them periodically.

I did have one pair of Monitor Gold 60s that went 250-300 hours without much of any change... then in frustration I spun up the vol knob and VIOLIN!! They opened right on up like they had a clock in them or something or were just waiting to get wrung out.

Still do be careful applying the power.
Thank you all for your inputs...I'm assuming they should get broken in sooner or later even at normal levels also...I don't mind waiting 100 hours or so.