Question for nottingham hyperspace owners

I found a used hyperspace for sale but I'm questioning a few things. The tag on the bottom of the motor shows serial number of aprox 050xxxx and model name says spacedeck. From looking at pictures of all models the motor looks exactly like a hyperspace motor but wondering if the fact that it says spacedeck means anything. Also can anyone tell me if newly built hyperspace is different from earlier units.. thanks..
I don't know for sure; but I think the major differences between the Hyperspace and the Spacedeck are the bearing and the platter. I own the earlier version of the Hyperspace with the "thinner" platter. The current version sports a much thicker platter. Many people are of the opinion that the original version sounds better. I run mine with Bob Benn's brass "Outsider" and "Insider" record weights which add quite a bit of mass to my smaller platter. Personally, I wouldn't want the current version with the "heavy" platter. The motor has enough trouble spinnig it alone; I don't know how it would do with the added mass of my record weights. If what you are considering is the original version, buy it; ditch the plinth and replace it with a custom Neuance shelf, buy the record weights and replace the oil in the bearing well with Tom's new formulation. In the future you could consider buying a PS like the Nott. Wave Mechanic.
I actually have the hyperspace at home now with wave mechanic. The sound is amazing and the deal is to good to pass up. It is the newer version with thick platter. very nice improvement when plugged into the na power supply. It's actually much better than when connected to ps audio power plant... John would it be possible to look at the bottom of your motor and see if it say's spacedeck or hyperspace.. My curiosity gets the best of me sometimes.. thanks.. Joel
I'll look tonight.
The motor has to be different. Hyperspace goes with thicker platter and the moment of inertia is different and you have to have a larger torque to maintain the same speed. Also the platter is so much thicker than that of Spacedeck, the holder of the moter has to be bigger and higher as compare to the one for Spacedeck.
The Spacedeck now has the "Heavy" option which puts it in league with the Hyperspace weight-wise. The motor is by design low torque, it only has to keep the platter spinning. It won't spin a platter up, heavy or not.
John- thank for correcting my mistake. It is just a low torque motor and it is commonly used for Spacedeck and Hyperspace. The only different is the housing for the motor.