question for naim flacap owners

hi - a month ago i bought a new flatcap2 to go with my cd3.5 . the power cord supplied with the flatcap really looks basic. i asked the folks at naim and they said not to use anything but the stock power cord. i'm pleased with the flatcap, but can't imagine any problem by upgrading the power cord..are you using the stock pc with your flatcap? thanx for any feed back!
Naim definitely does not recommend any tweaking of their stuff at all. No power conditioners or anything like that either. I think they know what they are doing, and heed their advice. But then, I haven't done a comparison. I'm anyway suspicious of the whole pc trend.
Admission to an upgrade would be an admission of comprimise in engineering. Use a good power cable. Most manufactures don't recommend upgrades.
aftermarket power cords, it does not mean that you can't use 'em.

Try a few and see if you like 'em better than the stock cord.
I know that they recently changed the stock cord. ( same Volex/Meyer ends but different leads between )

I ended up using the stock beating out Siltech and NBS on both XPS2 and Supercap 2. Many Naimies seem to like Nordost, however.

BTW, NANA approved Wiremold power strip, otoh, was pretty bad and nothing special.
Do yourself a favor and leave well enough alone. Once you start with powercords for the flatcap, you'll be looking at the CD 3.5's cord etc, etc. Its a slippery slope.
Start changing cords, speaker cables and interconnects you begin to depart from what you originally loved about the Naim "sound" and you'll join the hundreds here at audiogon buying and selling cables looking for that "special one"
Of course it cant hurt to try ;^)
As no one reports first hand that they've heard real improved performance, i think I'll "leave well enough alone" for now.. thanx all- and Emil thanks for the reminder of why I bought the Naim in the first place..
Well, I have de CD5 with the Flatcap2.... For the CD only, I changed the stock cable for an "Clearaudio Diamond" and that representates a clear improvement!! And for the combo I changed the stock cable of Flatcap2 for an "Supra"... Definetivelly recommended!!!