Question for Micro Seiki experts

I have been listening to a Sota Saphire / Alpason Xenon turntable and arm in my system for 15 years, and am considering upgrading my analog source. While generally satisfied with the Sota, my biggest problem has been with speed stability. I understand that this issue is resolved on the Series 5 models.

My short list of TTs to audition includes Basis, VPI, Teres, and perhaps moving up the Sota product line. Since I am traveling to Japan soon, I also want to investigate obtaining a high-mass Micro Seiki like the RX-1500 or RX/SX-5000, to ship back home to Seattle. My question: can anyone with direct experience share how the Micro Seiki compares to the contemporary models listed? Have you experienced any reliability or parts availability issues (important since the company is out of business). How much better (or worse) is the addition of vacuum platter and air bearing compared to the standard models?

I would ask this question in the vinyl asylum.
Good suggestion, psychicanimal. Just posted.
There's a guy here into Micro Seiki DDs--Viridian.