Question for McIntosh C220 owners

Have any of you tried any type of isolation device for the C220? If so, which ones do you feel worked the best?
I have a c220 - similar to the c220 - and I use a combination of inexpensive V-pads - a rubber-cork-rubber - isolation with a block of hardwood on top in direct contact with the C2200 chassis (not the component feet).

I find this very effective and more so than Vibrapods, Black Diamond Racing Cones or brass cones. You can buy V-pads at any heating and air conditioning supplier in your area or online at:

As for the wood blocks I use 1"x1"x2" pieces of zebrawood; you can experiment with various hardwoods since each give a noticeably different sound.

Herbies Footers are another good choice as are his tube dampers.