Question for Martin Logan CLS owners.

Just wondering if anybody has experimented with different
power cords for the panels?? Seems it "should" not make much difference, but you never know!? Anybody out there toyed with this idea?
I have Signal Cable "Magic Power Cables" on my CLSIIA's. I think they made a nice improvement. A little cleaner sounding and somewhat of a blacker/darker background. Less noise I would say.

Mostly a subtle differnce, but worth the price. The Signal Cables are pretty inexpensive.
Hey Mofi,

Just the type of feedback I'm looking for, thanks! I will check out the Magics again as I have owned them in the past. Also
was thinking of a pair of Pangea AC9's.
I tried the Pangeas on my amp and preamp and liked them better than the Signals BEFORE they broke in. After several hundred hours I found that they had kind of a dull, lifeless quality that wasn't there at the beginning? I switched back to the Signals and everything was better. I never tried the Pangeas on the CLSIIA's. I know many people that are happy with the Pangeas, they just didn't work for me. Synergy I guess...
Hi Telescope trade,

Believe it. Power cables make a difference even on the low voltage being supplied to the panels. Play around with some p.c.'s on the CLS, find the ones you like, and you will be rewarded with better sound.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply! I did a small experiment and you are right! I went to a local computer supply store and bought some hospital grade PC's for $10, and while I'm not sure it
was a positive change (different), I could hear a difference so that does tell me it's worthwhile to experiment.

Thanks again to all!