Question for Marantz owners

I'm looking for good redbook playback. Which sounds better, the Marantz 8260 or the DV9500. This won't be used in a video system, but I want the best sound I can get. I have a few sacds but I listen mostly to standard discs. Has anyone listened to both players? Thanks
I don't have an 8260 but I do have a 9500 with over 500 hours on it. On redbook, I notice some glare as well as a slightly shouty coloration. Apart from that it has a very wide and enveloping soundstage and has good dynamics and solid, tight bass. I would hope, though, that the 8260 is more musical since it has been favorably compared with the SA14. Break in makes a noticeable difference with this player and I noticed that the sound was smoother and better integrated after 500 hours than when it was brand new.

The sound of the 9500 is more balanced and coherent when it is used as a transport for my Scott Nixon TubeDac. That said, I have noticed that tube rolling does make a difference with the TubeDac, in spite of the low voltage of the tube. The Siemens 7308 sounds balanced, refined and smooth and is my current favorite. My next choice is the Philips Miniwatt 6922, followed by the Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8.

I have not yet broken in the SACD circuit. When I first got the 9500, the SACD layer of hybrid disks was noticeably smoother, more refined and airier.

Finally, note that it is easiest to use the 9500 when it is connected to a monitor, though this applies mostly to one-time set-up tasks. I needed to bring the 9500 to my tv room when I was doing things like turning on the digital output, etc. For other functions, like putting a disk on repeat, a monitor helps but I just memorized the sequence of keypresses shown on the manual (hit repeat button on remote, press right arrow key twice and kit enter to put the whole disk on repeat). For normal playback, of course, no monitor is needed.

Given that you don't need video, I would think that the 8260 would be a better choice for you since it is designed for audio and it is cheaper than the 9500. If you want to spend over $1k then you can also consider a used SA14 which, even with TRL's $550 mod will cost less than the list price of a new 9500.

I have a TRL SA14 in the works right now and will compare it will my 9500. If I were a betting man, I'd expect to sell the 9500 and keep the SA14.
jsala, Thanks for a complete and well thought out answer. That's good info.
I've got a Marantz SA8260. CD sound as well as SACD soundly bests the Sony 555es I had been using. The treble is much more articulate on my ribbon tweeters. Mids are much more natural and the bass is about the same, maybe a tad softer. Overall I'm very impressed considering the Sony was no slouch.