Question for DENON 3803 owners

or 3802 or 3801....

Im running a panasonic DV-A7 DVD-Audio player into my denon, which i got just a couple weeks ago and i got some questions for anyone who runs SACD or DVD-A into thier 3803

I stupidly sold my last reciever along with the 6 cables needed for DVD-A playback. I bought a new Digital COAX interconnect and ran that instead. Then i found out i needed those cables(which i basically gave away) in order to get the DVD-A playback... stupid stupid stupid...

anyways, Im going to be buying more cables sometime soon, but i was wondering how everybody else had thier system set up.

Do you have the digital coax running at all?
I was thinking of keeping COAX input 1 assigned to the DVD function and assigning the EXT IN to the VDP which i would use for DVD-A. That way i would still be able to use the 3803 to decode the signals, and still use the DVD-A for the DVD-Audio decoding....

I dont think my DVD-A player will do this though, im not sure, but i dont think the dvd-a actually outputs a signal on the 6 rca outs when the digital output is set up for use...

meaning, i think i will have to go through the menu and set everything back to PCM for DVD-A and then back to bitstream for DVD cinema each time i decide to use one then the other.

I dont think ive heard of anyone else with the panasonic DV-A7, but i would assume most DVD-A players run generally the same...

Anybody know about this? how do you have yours set up?

i guess i could always just take a cheap-o spare set of RCA's and plug em into the FR anf FL of the DV-A7 and then into the denon on maybe the CD input and see if i get sound....

Slappy, for the love of Pete, whats with all the threads???

OK I am unfamiliar with that dvd player but, most are similar.

DVD-A output is ONLY decoded internally in the player, so it only outputs analog via the 5.1 outputs. Only a few, if any, DVD-A/SACD player output a digital signal(via coax).

I imagine the DVD player has built in Dolby Digital/DTS decoders and will decode and output the analog signal via the same 5.1 outputs. However your reciever probably has its owns DACs capable of decoding DD/DTS and PCM as well.

So you have a few options.

For DVD-A/SACD you must use your 5.1 outputs from your DVD player.

For Movie DVDs you can use either the recievers DACs (via coax) or the DVD players DACs (via the 5.1).

And finally you can use the receivers DACs for 2 channel(redbook) as well (via the coax too).
Sorry for the double post, I am at work and had to run.

Anywho, currently on my DVD/SACD player I use all outputs.

5.1 for SACD

Analog 2 channel for 2 channel SACD

Coax digital for DVDs, because my pre/pro sounds FAR superior to the built in DACs in the DVD player.

Hope this helps
Most DVD players can simultaneously output from the analog and digital outputs. It is up to you to use the menus to assign the correct input (analog or digital jacks) to the given source button on the receiver. Just a reminder that ANY processing you use on the Denon will degrade the DVD-Audio signal, so you'll have to see what you can live with. Don't forget that things will change (usaully for the better) with break-in.