Question for Cardas Neutral Ref. speaker users

is there any audible between a short run of cardas neutral ref, say 4' to 6', and that of a longer run, say 12' to 15', I was under the impression that the signal running through speaker cables was of the nature that it was much more sensitive to longer runs, is cardas neut. ref. the answer to getting my amp from inbetween my speakers without sacrificing sound?, also has any one found speakers or equipment that this cable does not work well with, thanks for any help
mkaes: i've used a 7 meter run of cardas neutral reference (xlr terminated) between my pre/dac and amp to good effect. it is a good and (relatively) inexpensive ic. after installing tara "the one" in place of the cardas, however, i think the name "neutral reference" is a bit of a stretch. -cfb

I use a 14 ft. run with my system, and although I have not compared to a shorter run, I think my system sounds great--no complaints about cables at all. Synergy will come into play so make sure you check out that cardas is what you need.

Good luck!