Question for Canadian members

Here's one for our Canadian members. I occasionally send things to or purchase from Canada. For some reason service seems VERY slow. I can send or receive from Japan or UK faster than to or from Canada. I live in Minnesota so Canada is right up there. I even visit (Summer only mind you). 8^) Is it Canada Post, USPS or both? Any explanation would be appreciated.
BTW: I avoid FedEx and UPS to Canada whenever possible because of "fees".
Hi Rja,

Canada Post is normally great service. Ask for Expeditied parcel or Expresspost service which is trackable and insured. Service will automatically transfer over to USPS when the shipment enters the U.S.
Canada Customs.
I live in Vancouver BC and do order from the USA on occassion, if you use regular post either way (to or from) you're looking at least 10 days. UPS (ground) and the rest usually take 6 days or more. I just ordered something the other day from a major vendor in the US and was told via "Priority" Mail International it would be approximately 6-10 days to Canada. And yes customs does have a major influance on delivery time.
Riffer, it's not Canada Customs when shipping to the US, though the border crossing would be the main reason either way.
Shipping to US is usually quick.At times 2-3 days.
Shipping to Canada 10 days is minimum usually 18 days.
Expect to pay Duties even shipped USPS to Canada Post.The Gov't is looking for any money they can get. Extras fees as usual from FED-EX and the hosers UPS.