Question for BPT owners....

I am about to install a BPT 2.5 into my system for balanced power. I currently use a Furman Elite 15pfi for everything except my amp. As I was sitting in my living room just now my entire household power flickered and then went out for about 15 seconds before coming back on. This doesn't bother me too much because I know the Furman will protect my equipment. Can anyone tell me their experience with loss of power with a BPT unit in their system? I know they draw lots of power on start up so how does that affect equipment plugged into it? TIA
I've had one for 10 years with no issues of any kind

The built-in voltage meter on my balanced conditioner (different brand) shows an 8 volt drop when turned on  - and then returns to normal.  It's never damaged any of my components.  If only the lights on that same circuit flickered, then that makes sense.   If your entire household flickered out, something is amiss.  Bad wiring can be very dangerous. It's best to consult a professional electrician.  
I have two Platinum Power PP-1 high current balanced power conditioners and have never had a problem and I live in NM which has brief daily thunderstorms starting this time of year. I know my PP-1's have in-rush current protection that does just that on power-up in addition to the 20 amp mains magnetic circuit breaker on the unit of which I think the BPT also employs on their units.

I myself wouldn't be worried about any equipment damage from the BPT or any balanced power transformer unit. 
I appreciate the comments. In response to steakster, it wasn't a household problem I experienced it was a power company issue. Glad to hear no one has had problems.
I've used the BPT 3.5 Signature plus  for 7 years and it has been a splendid product. Balanced  AC electrical power is terrific for audio systems. 
Did you buy your BPT recently new ? Just curious as there seems no way to contact them for any info on their power supply products ?
I purchased my BPT new over 7 years ago.  Despite the excellent quality of their products I believe that they went out of business several years ago (to the best of my knowledge). 
I purchased mine here on the 'gon. Yes they are out of business which is surprising given their obvious high customer satisfaction, quality of their product and the great price point. Perhaps they simply did not charge enough for their product. I'm glad to have found one.