Question for BPT owners....

I am about to install a BPT 2.5 into my system for balanced power. I currently use a Furman Elite 15pfi for everything except my amp. As I was sitting in my living room just now my entire household power flickered and then went out for about 15 seconds before coming back on. This doesn't bother me too much because I know the Furman will protect my equipment. Can anyone tell me their experience with loss of power with a BPT unit in their system? I know they draw lots of power on start up so how does that affect equipment plugged into it? TIA
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I have two Platinum Power PP-1 high current balanced power conditioners and have never had a problem and I live in NM which has brief daily thunderstorms starting this time of year. I know my PP-1's have in-rush current protection that does just that on power-up in addition to the 20 amp mains magnetic circuit breaker on the unit of which I think the BPT also employs on their units.

I myself wouldn't be worried about any equipment damage from the BPT or any balanced power transformer unit. 
I appreciate the comments. In response to steakster, it wasn't a household problem I experienced it was a power company issue. Glad to hear no one has had problems.
I've used the BPT 3.5 Signature plus  for 7 years and it has been a splendid product. Balanced  AC electrical power is terrific for audio systems. 
Did you buy your BPT recently new ? Just curious as there seems no way to contact them for any info on their power supply products ?
I purchased my BPT new over 7 years ago.  Despite the excellent quality of their products I believe that they went out of business several years ago (to the best of my knowledge). 
I purchased mine here on the 'gon. Yes they are out of business which is surprising given their obvious high customer satisfaction, quality of their product and the great price point. Perhaps they simply did not charge enough for their product. I'm glad to have found one. 
I see you have mentioned Equitech somewhere too in another thread - perhaps at one time you had a Son of Q or something?  Did you ever try the 1.5RQ or the 2RQ etc?  And may I ask why you switched to BPT?  I am thinking of balanced power and am curious about the difference between these two highly regarded brands.  I sometimes see a good condition used BPT unit for sale.  In fact I just picked up a small 2.5 amp BPT unit with two isolated outlets, as well as 6 straight distribution type outlets without any isolation or current limitation.  I thought it might be a good way to get my toes wet with balanced power. I will use the four outlets with isolation for my digital playback system and the rest for my integrated tube amp.  And if I like this I might get something for the amp too.  Just wondering if you or anyone else here has any thoughts on my plans or specifically on these two brands.  Right now I am using a Furutech TP80.  In the past I have used a Synergistic Powercell Mk3.
Thank you for any insights.
I just saw the other thread where you posted about BPT and said you actually don't know Equitech so I was clearly remembering reading someone else's comment about Equitech's Son of Q etc.  Anyway, if you or anyone have any thoughts about my using the CPC I just bought on digital source units please let me know.  Thanks anyway

A friend of mine just received a Son of Q unit that had been on order for several months. He learned that during that time the owner, Martin Glasband had some serious health issues and had to have some family members step in to manage the business. If you are interested in the unit, I would give them a call prior to ordering to see what delivery would be. My friend also said that during his conversations with Martin he learned what a true genius he really is. They make a great unit. 
I've never used or heard an Equitech product but certainly have a very well regarded reputation.  I had considered buying one of their units at one time.  I subsequently bought the BPT  due to multiple rave reviews,  comments from multiple happy owners and a nice discount on a new unit from the company. After 8 year's of ownership I remain utterly pleased with it. I wish they could have stayed in business as their AC balanced transformers/conditioners are excellent. 
Falconquest and Charles, thanks a lot for the help.  I did speak to someone at Equitech on the phone at one point and he was very helpful and knowledgeable.  I will call again before I take a next step using the number you gave me. Sorry indeed to hear of Mr. Glasband's difficulties.   I am glad to hear that your friend had a good experience with the Son of Q.  I have been thinking of the 1.5RQ as it goes straight into the wall without any need for a special 20 amp socket or anything.  The discussion of the BPT here got me very curious as to what they do differently from Equitech. I will also learn something about what balanced power does for my system when my vintage BPT two outlet 2.5 amp balanced unit with 3 additional isolated outlets arrives next week.  Again, many thanks.

I have a BPT2.5 balanced unit that I got used here on Audiogon. I don't have the instructions as I got it second-hand and apparently came without any instructions. On another thread I read that one should only connect components to it with three pronged plugs.

So I have a question for anyone who can help. Is it safe to use it to power Synergistic MPCs and FEQs which have two pronged plugs, but do also have separate 3 prong plugs solely for grounding that are plugged into a separate socket altogether for improved sound and presumably better grounding.

Perhaps I should contact Synergistic?  Or is there someone who knows something about BPT who might be able to help?

Thanks for any help. 

I can't speak to your particular device but I have my Sonos Connect plugged into my BPT and have had no issues. Remember, you're getting clean AC power out, that's it.
Thanks for the response Falconquest.  I assume the Sonos has  2-pronged plugs?

Actually, I have been using it for my Synergistic 2-prong plugs and everything works well.  I have read in a blog here and perhaps elsewhere too that one should only use 3-prong grounded devices with balanced power in general.  So while the Synergistic devices are grounded, they are grounded separately via a 3-prong plug that is plugged into a distributor that plugs directly in to the wall.  I am wondering that mode of grounding is OK.
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