Question for Audio Alchemy VITB phono preamp users

It's been years since I last used my old audio alchemy vac in the box phono preamp. I opened it up to adjust the gain and load for a low output mc cartridge and noticed that there were no jumpers in the capacitance slots 1 & 2. I can't find the spare jumpers anywhere. Do I need to have any jumpers in these slots at all or can they be left open? Currently, gain is set to "high" and load is set for 100 ohms. Thanks for your help.
Capacitance settings really don't affect MC cartridges. So just leave them open, which I assume, would be a zero setting.

What cartridge are you using? The 100 ohm setting might need to be adjusted depending on your cart.
Thanks Mofi. I am using a Shelter 501 II, output 0.4 mV I believe. The VITB is somewhat temporary and until I try it out not even sure it will be tolerable.
The Shelter 501 MKII works best at between 100-150 ohms, so you should be good to go.