Question for Andra owners

Just acquired a pair of Eggleston Andra 1's (2007 version) and am curious to hear from other Andra owners re: set-up. I realize that this will be room dependent, but I was curious to hear about how current owners went about deciding on distance to the listener position, front and side walls, and, most importantly, distance between the two speakers themselves. Lastly, rake angle? Lots of variables and just looking for some pointers. System: Andra 1's, Spectral DMA90, McIntosh MCD201, MIT MH770 CVT twin bi-wires, MI-350 reference CVT's. Room: 14X14X9 (but not actually symmetrical given entry-way that adjoins the room and is 6ft across and 2.5 ft deep). Thanks in advance!
If you have a 2007 Andra, then it is a series 2, not a series 1. I point this out becasue it may make a difference as to the reponses.
I know you are experimenting with speaker placement, but how do you like the Andra's in your room? Curious about this because I'm interested in the Andra's also, but am wondering whether they'd overpower a room that's 14 x 14 x 9 (about the same as the room I'm using). Looking forward to any insights you might have.

"If you have a 2007 Andra, then it is a series 2, not a series 1. I point this out becasue it may make a difference as to the reponses.

You can still buy the Andra I's new from Eggleston. Dolfan, a member here, has worked out a deal to have the I's built new.
I have the Andra 2 now for about 1-2 years.
Every now when I get new equipment I relocate the Andra's looking for the best spot in my room.
Just got the new Pass Labs XP-10 Preamp , so away the speakers move...
What a task!.
Anyway, words of advise.
Remove the spikes so you can move the speakers around.
Try to find the spot where the bass is the best, perhaps just a little too much, then put the spikes on to tighten the bass.
My room is 25x17x8
Presently I have them 36" out from the back wall to the edge of the back of the speaker with the other side of the back 2 1/2 inches difference (to account for toe in)
I have them 34" from the side walls to the edge of the speaker cabinet (at the front top of the midrange.)
Godd starting point for you , but I will probably move them again. So keep me posted on your progress.
The Andra 2 is vented so placement may be entirely different.
Actually, I made a mistake in my last posting.
The 2 1/2" difference is actually from the sidewalls not the back wall. (for toe in)
That is, 32" from the left side wall to the left of the back of the speaker cabinet and 34 1/2" from the sidewall to the front of the left speaker cabinet.
And vise a versa on the right speaker.
Hope this helps.
Thanks to all that have responded so far. I am recovering from a recent illness and have therefore not been able to respond to earlier posts, let alone listen to my system. To clarify, however, these are virtually new Andra 1's. As Tigerwoodkhorns noted above, new Andras are still being sold and I am the 2nd owner, purchased very recently from the 'gon and are nine months old in sum. And, to answer your question, Jim, even with very minimal tweaking, the Andra's sound incredible. I hope to be better recovered this weekend to begin dialing them into the room. As they sit currently, they are on a set of teflon pucks to enable more efficient movement around the room as I experiment with placement. It will be quite something to hear the bass, as pitch coherent as it is already, tighten up even more once the spikes are installed! I will keep everyone posted as I move forward. Thanks again to all for the helpful responses.