Question for all Esoteric owners with clocks .....

.....I have asked this before but never received a response that answered my question, so, I will try it again. Does, upgrading the BNC cables to the Esoteric clocks have an improvement on the overall sound. Now, the stock cords are just that, the stock cords ....but would a $500 BNC cable improve the sound, if yes, then would going to a $1,000 BNC cable be even better ???? You see what I am trying to ask......if there is an improvement over the stock great, but how far should you go on these cords to the clocks ???? Thank you in advance

Mine are the po1,do1,gorb clock
Hello Azjake ......Thank you and curious as to what BNC digital cables cost $10,000
It's actually $100,000
And I think he's pulling your leg
Wow !.....can't read without my glasses and your right - what BS $100,000 .....why are some people like this on this site ??? It serves no purpose
Maybe Azjake can't type without his glasses? If you look at his posts in the digital section it does appear that he has experience with the Esoteric separates.
Is it possible he left out the decimal point? $1000.00, not $100000?? Methinks so.
the esoteric DA6100 are fantastic IMHO for this, as the 6300 are for connecting DAC to transport. And yes, you will hear a difference. Now worth it or not, that is subjective as you know.
I will jump start my own thread ....again ... if you upgrade the BNC cables on the Esoteric clock does it or will it make a sonic improvement ??? I currently have Purist Audio Provectus cables and was wondering if I upgraded to the PAD Dominus would it make a difference on the clock ????
why not try it and see what it sounds like? any good dealer will lend you a cable (or the cable company).

as a "cable" guy, myself, I will advise to borrow the cord you seek. Contact a dealer/retailer that will lend the cord to you and trust your own ears. Second, The Cable Company, these guys have a good reputation for lending/loaning cables and cords out to the public.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Thanks Cerrot but is not that easy ...the cables need BNC connections and there are just not that many around to audition looking for people who have tested and listened to these cables on clocks and wondering if putting some money into the cables will make a sonic difference.
Jafant - see above. The Cable Company never has what you are looking for and are sometimes a real pain to deal with. Just my opinoin ...but the connections have to be BNC which narrows it down.
Hi Garebear!What really helps in these cases is having a group of audiophilers friends in the area you live, and lend eachother the cables in order to detect brands and models that could work.We usually do like this.Another method we use is buying under the condition that the cable should work as we want in our sistem, so we left paid the cable, make a week trial in the sistem and IF the cable doesn´t match then we return the cable and have the money back.We usually make like this and never had any problems.It saves a lot of money!So my advice is never buy anything if you haven´t tested in your sistem before.Contact a Purist Audio Design dealer in your area and ask him this week trial.Hope this helps!Raf
Graebear, It absolutely matters what cords you use. I have the G-01 clock, which I had mated with the D-02/P-02. I had Snake River Mamushi digital cables, which I perferred over the WireWorld Platinum Series 7 BNCs. I now have Valhalla BNCs, which better both by a lot.
You know cables always matter and change and shape everything we listen too. But you have to try them to know which ones work best for you. The Valhalla's are excellent cables and can be had for a good deal NIB as the series II cables are all the rage now.
I have found Esoterics are very sensitive to everything, clocks or no clock, footers or not, dampening, PCs, ICs, and BNCs, etc.
Hey Graebear, I am not familiar with your cables, but I have found all the clock cables I have used, the better the conductor purity the better I like them. The Valhalla's are 7n occ with silver, and for $800.00 NIB for 1 meter they are a steal. Right now I have Salon IIs, which have a Beryllium tweeter and it sounds much smoother on my ears with the Valhalla's. The deliniation of sounds and music is stunning with these cables. I spent silly money on the clock, which is an amazing upgrade to my system, the realism with the clock and good cables has been well worth the investment for me. I believe the clock cables make a big difference.
I had the same question years ago when I got serious about Home Theater; clocking cables are 75-ohm digital, just with BNC connectors as well all know. When i asked this question of some people I trusted, I was told that despite the fact it's just 1s and 0s heading down the line with a pure digital signal, that whether the cable is certified as a true 75-ohm cable, whether the signal goes out on the cable (and stays) free from aberrations, noise, reflection, etc...all makes a difference. In short they were right. Just like routing Dolby Digital, DTS, or PCM down a digital cable, with clock pulse info, the answer is the same; it definitely matters that you use a good quality BNC terminated digital cable. I cannot speak to whether one manufacturers cable "Y" is better than their cable "X" just because it is a step up in the line from a marketing and price point of view but your ears will tell you (after the clock and cable are properly broken in), which one gives better results. This will depend upon that manufacturer's cables and whether (for digital) there is actually something better about the cable itself. I've done upgrades at various points within cable lines I've used in the past; in some cases the results were very obvious and substantial (broader/deeper sound stage and/or better precision of imaging, etc..) and in other cases, the differences were only slightly noticeable. Depends upon the cable line and true diffs between the steps in the line-up as I mentioned before.

A short while ago, I did do a clock cable upgrade in my system and take a step up in the Kubala line; my prior cable was already of extremely good quality and the system sounded great with it over a 2+ year period. The difference was beyond my expectations and to a surprising level. Again, depends upon the cables you choose, who makes them, etc...