Question for ACI subwoofer owners

I have 'The Force' subwoofer and I'm very pleased with it. It resolves deep bass extremely well thanks to the upstream source components and good room placement. My question is this. The stock power cord is so wimpy that I'm wondering if an aftermarket cord might make a good thing better. What might be your thoughts? Thanks!
I have the Force as well and extremely pleased with it. As far as changing the power cord I never considered it because the power cord isn't detachable. How were you planning on changing the cord?
I do use aftermarket cords on my electronics so I am a believer. Having said that, I am hard put to see what improvement could possibly be realized from the Force - it is such an incredible sub as it stands.
ACI certainly makes great subwoofers. Someday, I hope to hear their other speakers. Changing the power cord would be relatively simple, as long as one is comfortable with a soldering iron. Perhaps, I'll give it a shot next month.