Question concerning power cords . . .

I have Silent Source Signature power cords on every piece of gear now, as well as Silent Source Music Reference balanced interconnects.

After reading some articles on the internet, I was wondering if maybe the Silent Source Signature High Current power cord would allow more AC to my power amp so that the sound might be a bit more powerful. I don't know anything about electronics, so please take my ignorance into account when you read this.

I didn't know if the thicker wire in the Silent Source Signature High Current power cord would make a difference, or if the sound of the power cord that I replaced, a Dream State Lucid, sounded more powerful because of colorations in it versus the neutrality in the Silent Source Signature.

Hi Chuck,

I would say that you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the powerful bass of the Dream State Lucid Dream. I was not as impressed with the Lucid Dream as many other members are. IMHO it had a very natural sounding upper midrange, maybe the best I have ever heard. However, I could never get past it's two weakness', which I perceived as the soundstage being too forward, and the bass being overdone. By overdone I mean that it was like adding a bass tone control and cranking it up. I found this to drown out the lower midrange.

Silent Source are sold by Lloyd Walker, who may be the best person to contact regarding the regular Signature vs. the high current version. My guess would be that the high current version may give you a slight increase in bass, but will not approach the bass of the Lucid Dream. I have owned Silent Source Signature power cords before (not the HC version), as well as many products from Mr. Walker. I would say that Lloyd's 'sonic signature' is that of speed and resolution. The bass IS there, but because it is so tight and well defined it doesn't have the apparent weight of slower cords.

Try a Transparent MM Reference power cord in your will be awestruck at what it can do for your components. Believe me, I've tried many reference PC's and found that wire alone can be made to sound different, but not better than any other. The Transparent or MIT's Oracle PC's actually address the AC contamination that the others do not!
Power cords are very system dependant. As much as Dave_b likes his Transparent MM Reference cords, I have heard them and was left unimpressed. I'm sure they work for Dave, as he uses digital as his main source, with SS amplification and very revealing Wilson speakers. In my system, the Transparent was too dark and uninvolving. My system is analog based, with tube amplification and warmer Verity Audio speakers. So it would only make sense that the warmer Transparent cord would work better for Dave than in my system. While I prefer quicker, livelier cords, like the Stealth Dream.

Call Robert Stein at The Cable Company and ask for help and some loaners...ya never know until you try!!
John is right. Power cords are very system dependent. I don't know if I can confirm what I'm about to state, but I've found that they seem to make more difference on components that have larger transformers in their power supply, like amps (tubes especially), preamps, phono stages and such.

My digital is going through cascading filters/conditioners, so perhaps thats why I hear less of an improvement there.

Lots of buzz about the Kaplan cords available over at www/ They are on discount now and have replaced lots of different $$$ cords in several systems that I know of. Nice stuff at a decent price point.