Question ?-can a Shunyata Sigma HC C-19 power cord be re-terminated to a C15 ?

….. I know call Shunyata and ask them. I was just wondering as some cables can not be re-terminated due to their construction. So just wondering if anybody knows or has had Shunyata do just a 20 amp female end to a 15 amp end. Your comments would be appreciated and thank you in advance.    
Hi Gary, I'm fairly certain the answer is yes they can, but I'm also fairly certain that in order to keep the warranty valid Shunyata would require that it re-terminate the power cord. I once asked a Shunyata dealer whether I could get a Sigma NR PC half as long as the standard length. His answer was "yes", but it would cost the same as the standard length. Shunyata offers a 20A to 15A female end adapter, which I ordered about a week ago. I have been told that production is 2-3 weeks behind, so I haven't received it yet. -Regards