Question about Wilson Witt Speakers

Anyone ever hear the Wilson Witt speakers. I know they stopped making them. Did it also have that midbase humb, that the Wilson Watt puppies have
My experience is somewhat limited but to my ears they were a wonderful speaker. They did not disappear as the Watt/Puppies can do (which I think is the biggest highlight of the W/P).
The original Witt's had a problem with the finish. It was a BAD problem. The Witt II solved that problem at a big increase in cost.
If you can find the Witt at a good price, in good condition, and you live in a temporate weather area, you probably won't go wrong.
They're certainly good enough speakers as a foundation...I used to sell these. And, I wouldn't sweat any "critic's" suggestion of a bass anomily either. Room placement and sytem matching would be of INFINITLY more importance for goo sound out of em anyway!!! You get em set-up right, and match the gear, and they'll sound fantastic!!!...garanteed! They're good speakers...