Question about VPI Warranties

Hello all,
Not long ago,, I bought a piece of brand new VPI factory sealed gear from a fine seller (name witheld), and the question I have is, will I have any sort of warrantee from the manufacturer? On thier warrantee card, it clearly asks for a Dealer's name-address, but it appears the seller is reluctant to provide such information, and I don't know why this would be a problem? Unless of course thier is a grey market for VPI products, (which I strongly doubt?)

Provided there is no such thing as a "grey market" with VPI Products, I'd then assume the seller did indeed buy the component from an authorized dealer, and I see absolutely no harm in the seller providing me this information, and just saying "That it was a Christmas Gift"? Mark
Why don't you ask VPI? If I recall, the warranty is not transferrable from the original buyer to a subsequent buyer
and is invalid if not purchased from an authorized dealer.
Go to the source? Don't guess.
can't answer your question, but I have heard negative things about VPI's willingness to back their products. One of their long standing dealers in Chicago no longer recommends them for this reason.
Since you know the seller I would suggest calling and/or e-mailing VPI to see if the warranty is transferable. In the event there is an "issue" with how the seller got the item you know who to go after. I think it would be best to find out now if the item is not as it was presented. To ease your fears, if the seller is a regular on Audiogon I wouldn't think the worst, 99% of the folks here are good up-standing citizens, some of them are just a little socially inept!
Couldn't disagree more wiht Stilts1's comments. I've been a VPI customer for years and they have ALWAYS been helpful and responsive.
I have to agree with Narrod. I have owned VPI products for years and have spoken with Harry Weisfeld many times. He has aways been very helpful and he would even go out of his way to help me. I highly recommend VPI for their products and their service.
If VPI did not fix something under warranty it was with good reason. You would need to look long and hard in audio to find a better company to work with.
To chime in again about VPI, I too have nothing but praise about them. In '97 I bought my HW-19Jr from Jim at MusicDirect (Walk-In Sale). Well around 2000-2001, I had noticed one day the Platter had cracked in about 6-7 places originating from the Spindle/Bearing, and radiating out towards the edge of the Platter.

My first thought was the Spindle Clamp caused this, but I never clamped my LP's like a gorilla, nor ever left the Clamp tightened when not in use. As some of you may know, the Jr's Platter has the Bearing press-fit into the Acrylic Platter, and is not like the MK-IV Platter which just "lays" on top of the Bearing Flange.

Spoke with Jim about it, he shipped it off to Harry, and Sheila for examination, and they replaced the Platter free of charge, even though my warrantee had long expired. That's what I call customer service!

BTW, the Seller I bought from did provide me with the Dealer's name, and I'm just going to send the card in filled out with said Dealer's name on the card.

Of course, if by remote chance I ever have a problem with the product I bought within the warranteed period (1 Year), I reckon I'll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it, and perhaps state "That I myteriously somehow lost the bill?" lol

Thank you folks for your help, and advice, it's deeply appreciated! Mark
Sorry- I must have been asleep- I thought the post was about VTL, not VPI. Harry and VPI are by all accounts wonderful people with great products. Apologies to all.
VPI is one of the finest manufacturers and supporters of this industry. Harry and Sheila are good people and have always been helpful to me when I had questions about my Aries 2. Same goes for Dan D'Agostino, Richard Vandersteen, Jim Thiel and Mark O'Brien: good people making good products in the USA.
A warranty is a specific legal right. In most if not all states failure to file a warranty card does not void your warranty. The obvious benifit of filing a warrnty card is that you don't have to worry later about proving date of purchase. Some companies give additional rights if you file the card on time.
You may however have to submit the receipt.