question about vintage dd tables

so right now, the only one in my fleet is the jvc a-31, which has yet to go into commission (i need a new catridge) which im giving to my mother once i get my own. and here is my question. i was at a customer's home today, and saw their pioneer pl-530, and was floored by the way it looked. big beautiful wood plinth. looks like a solid deck to me, but i would like to know if anyone had any experience with these tt's, and can attest to their quality. and if theres any similar to this model? i really liked the look of it, and i would like to get the best bang for my buck here. any help is appreciated.
JVC A-L31 i meant to say.
The Pioneer PL-570 is the big brother. Beware, there is a cheaper, plastic Pioneer PL-570, so make sure you see a pic before you leap.

It looks nice, but I have no real idea on sonics. Not sure on the differences between the 530 and 570.

For a few bucks more, a Technics SL-1200 gives you the peace of mind of parts availability.

yeah, i know the 1200's are good, but looks have become a part of it for me now...i mean, the pl-530 looks like a beautiful piece of furniture to me. the one thing i do know about the 530 is that it is full auto, but has a seperate motor for the tonearm (which, ill probably only use the auto-return, dont see a need for a full auto)

ill definately check out the 570 as well