question about Thiel CS 2

A friend has offered me a pair of Thiel CS 2 speakers with a Audionics BK-ST 140 pre-amp, Rotel RC-1070 tuner, and NAD 5000 CD-player for about $1,000. I have a small NAD CD player and a pair of Focal bookshelf speakers, so this would be a big upgrade for me. I love music but have not gotten anything fancy in regards to audio equipment and don't know anything about it. I have two questions:

1. Are Thiel CS 2's weak in regards to bass? Because they seemed a little tinny to me without a lot of bass. Could just be my friend's set-up.

2. The only space in my apartment that might work is a 15' by 7' room. I wouldn't easily be able to put the speakers on the wide side because of door placement. I know this would not be an ideal set-up. The speakers would be close together and close to the walls. My question is, given my alternative, would having this system in a non-ideal set-up be a decent option compared to the alternative (which would be NOT having the system)?

Thank you!

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Nice score! I look forward to you joining us over on the Thiel Owners thread. Several of the guys own these Vintage models. You will feel at home among fans of this brand.  Happy Listening!

A Thiel loudspeaker can be tricky to dial into a room properly. If your friend will allow try it before purchase, place the CS2 into your apt room for an evaluation. The vintage Thiel speakers can be placed closer together than models made around 2000 and newer. If you decide to purchase please join us over on the Thiel Owners thread which offers a plethora of valuable information on this Legendary brand.

Happy Listening!