Question about the TNT200 amp. covers.

I took the top and bottom covers off so I could get the bad power switch out to find out what kind to order, well now I got the new one installed but forgot which way the top and bottom covers go on. Do the cooling slots go to the back on both covers or?

I would guess looking on the net might get you a clear pic of the top cover. I would also guess that the slots are there to cool off in the REAR...where most boards are located with transformer up front...
The vents, (slots) go to the rear:
What a fantastic amp, BTW. Still own one too! In mint condition I might add.
Thanks for your responses. The exact same switch is still being made by Carling Technologies, BTW.
It is a good amp and an economical choice for drive electrostatics.
Yes; I bought the Acoustat amp, preamp and the Acoustat 2+2 electrostatics back in 1983. The 2+2's sounded wonderful but I could not live with the small sweet spot so after 5 years or so I replaced them went with the Ohm's Walsh speaker which have a large sweet area.