Question about The Doors Soft Parade Remasters

Hi All-

I'm looking to buy a copy of Soft Parade and am looking for the vinyl, a single copy no extras. I noticed that most shops have two copies and I can't determine by Googling what the difference is between them. There is this one: 1) Soft Parade 180g Remaster SKU:WBLP98649 ; UPC: 081227986490, $24.99. Remastered by Bernie Grundman & pressed at R.T.I. Label: WB Rhino

and a second: Soft Parade 180g 50th Aniv. Remaster, SKU:ELKLP85133, UPC: 603497851331 $21.99. Remastered by Bruce Botanic, Label: Elektra

Both prices from Elusive Disc. I've read on the remastering on Google and seem to be under the impression that basically you wouldn't hear/notice a sound difference from the remastering. But, I can't find any info about the differences between the two pressings. It seems that Grundman and Botanic were collaborating together during the remaster but each have their names associated with different pressings. I don't get it.

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the two, is one better then the other?

Thanks for you replies-
If you really like this recording, find an original pressing and pay the premium. Every single Doors recording is far superior in the original version.
Unless you have the original and just want another edition you can find on ebay in nm condition at low price the early elektra pressing.
Chances that this will sound better are higher.


If you want the best sounding copy, the Analogue Productions 45 RPM version would be tough to beat.
IMO, Doors was/is about the content, less about the music. Many never realize there is no bass player.

I agree, find an old original in good shape, don't overpay.
The Doors used any number of bass/bass guitar players on their studio albums.  Ray Manzarek also played bass lines on keyboards, I believe a Fender Rhodes Piano Bass.
onhwy61 (good tag, I’ve probably driven past you a few times).

I guess I mispoke, thanks for the clarification,

I knew that Ray’s keyboard was ’the bass player’, in the beginning, that’s what I meant that most never realized.

I never payed enough attention to who played what after their initial breakthrough. I also never played them thru this system, I’ll have to drag out and clean my old LP’s.

There was a lot of weed and tobacco smoke in those days, gunking up everything. When I quit smoking after 30 years, I coughed up disgusting stuff for 6 months. Gotta clean those oldies.

Not to rub it in but I do have an original pressing and it sound great. Around here I keep checking antique shops and thrift stores for old classics. A lot of searching and a lot of time but I have had some great success. I did buy a new press remaster of eat a peach and it sounds just like the original I have. To me the hunt is part of the kill!
happy hunting and enjoy the music.