Question about Teddy Pardo PSU for my DAC

I'm considering one of his outboard power supplies as an upgrade to my DAC, but after looking at the website, and reading a review, I am not at all clear as to how this interfaces with the DAC and the wall outlet. Are there any members using one of these who could enlighten me? I am currently using an Audio Note Kits 2.1 DAC.
I have a r2r dac and also a RME adi2 v2 dac that I am using  a Teddy Pardo power supply with the RME with Auralic streamer. The Pardo supply made a very nice improvement. First thing I noticed was sound stage was taller wider and deeper, noise floor dropped and is much lower than MHDT dac with toroidal inboard power supply with upgraded caps. Also better bass and detail, I have no regrets buying Teddy Pardo, they also have some of the best customer service I have ever come across. 
I have an Exasound e38 for which a Teddy Pardo is recommended. I’ve toyed with the idea of spending money (I’ve got burning holes in my pockets) of getting one, but am not sure how much improvement they’ll make. Anyone have experience?