Question about Teddy Pardo PSU for my DAC

I'm considering one of his outboard power supplies as an upgrade to my DAC, but after looking at the website, and reading a review, I am not at all clear as to how this interfaces with the DAC and the wall outlet. Are there any members using one of these who could enlighten me? I am currently using an Audio Note Kits 2.1 DAC.
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Doesn’t your ANK have a power supply with tube rectification and regulation? Would an external PS be an upgrade over the stock PS? 

I have an upgraded PS in my AN preamp and it’s inside the box.

Yes, of course it does but this is supposed to be an audible improvement. It's a different sort of low noise power supply.
The Teddy Pardo power supplies are really meant to replace external "wall-wart" switching power adapters.  In your case, the Audio Note 2.1 DAC has a really good and beefy power supply built into the DAC case itself.  I'm not convinced that a Teddy Pardo will do better in this situation.  If you really wanted to use Teddy Pardo, you would likely have to physically remove the Audio Note internal power supply from the DAC.  Then chop the Teddy Pardo DC cord and wire it directly into the DAC board itself.
Thanks for that info auxinput.
My name is Yair, I'm with Teddy Pardo Audio.
Looking at the DAC manual, it requires the following voltages:
1. High voltage for the tubes, probably around 120V.
2. Low voltage for the filament, usually 12.6V, or 2x6.3v.
3. Digital voltages: +/-5V -- this part will benefit the most from a high quality supply.
I can suggest the following:
1. We can make a custom power supply that will power the digital part.
2. Leave the tube supply (high-voltage and filament) as it is.

This will require drilling a hole in the back panel for an aviation-type DC socket, which we can supply along with the required wiring.

Feel free to contact us directly for further info.
Thanks, Yair

I have a r2r dac and also a RME adi2 v2 dac that I am using  a Teddy Pardo power supply with the RME with Auralic streamer. The Pardo supply made a very nice improvement. First thing I noticed was sound stage was taller wider and deeper, noise floor dropped and is much lower than MHDT dac with toroidal inboard power supply with upgraded caps. Also better bass and detail, I have no regrets buying Teddy Pardo, they also have some of the best customer service I have ever come across. 
You have an internal PS? Did you have to modify your unit?
I have an Exasound e38 for which a Teddy Pardo is recommended. I’ve toyed with the idea of spending money (I’ve got burning holes in my pockets) of getting one, but am not sure how much improvement they’ll make. Anyone have experience?