question about Synergistic Powercell 10 STANDARD

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure whether the powercell 10 standard version package will come with a Telsa T3 20amp cable or just a standard 20amp cable?(the 4000$ retail)

does anyone know?

thank you
The Powercell 10 Standard only comes with a standard 20amp cable. You will need to buy a 20 AMP T3 UHC which adds $900 for $4900. But you have the option to use any 20 amp cable from any manufacturer. Or you can get the Powercell 10 SE that includes a Precision AC for $5000 but it uses a 32 AMP connecter. Precision AC retails separately for $1800. This is the best deal. You will be limited, but this IS the best cable for the Powercell plus the SE version has additional performance boosts as described on the Synergistic Website. Check it out. I always recommend The Cable Company for a demo first.
thank you a lot .