Question about streamer to "serve" 2 systems

I am 100% CDs guy now.... have dedicated stereo in my basement room but also a decent 5.1 system in my Living room but that's mostly for watching TV....
I want to finally try streaming....but the way I want to do it is as follows:
- Keep my main / critical listening to CDs but also be able to access my music from my other rooms / outdoor patio
The way I am thinking of doing it:
- Buy something like the Wadia M330 (see them used for ~ $1600) - set it up in my main system - connect via XLR to my preamp and use it for listening to internet radio / streaming / trying new artists on my main system while I am in my dedicated room.
- Run about 35 feet SPDIF (do they even sell them that long???) from the Wadia to my SONY ES received in the living room and just power it on remotely and then I'd have the ability to also listen to my music in the living room or outside (zone 2 speakers) if I just want some music playing in the background...

Is that do-able ?
Would Wadia M330 be a good choice for under $2000 or would your recommend something else?
If there are no 35 feet SPDIF cables...could I used ST-ST computer fiber channel cable or would I need to run something else ? I don't think it's good to run such long unbalanced interconnect (RCA).

thank you
I think I just answered one of my questions....seems that TOSLINK connections shouldn't exceed 30ft.... so that may be too short.
AS main stereo system is in my basement which is under my Living room and I already have some cables running through the floor/wall....they are about 35 ~ 40ft long..... thus I was thinking about running the TOSLINK in the same conduit. 
Not sure how else I would be able to connect the streamer to my receiver....I thought fiber doesn't really have limitation on the length...
How about some Bluesound Node’s?
I use them to connect my office (2nd floor) to my main system (LR 1st floor).
They use wireless connections. The newest model can utilize the 5ghz band. (But, added a Netgear adapter to-utilize the 5ghz network-to my Node 1’s, and they function perfectly- and at a fraction of the cost, since I bought used)
You could also use Ethernet cable to connect two systems.
Thanks for the tip.... Just looked it up...never heard of this...
 however, not sure how that would work since the Node doesn't actually store any files.... I would like to be able to access my ripped CDs from my Living Room.... 
Can the Node accept USB connected HDD and stream from it ??
Agree with above.  You also may want to consider Sonos, or wireless speakers.  And if in some zones the listening is background, AirPlay or Bluetooth might be used
New speakers (wireless or otherwise) are out.
I already have full HT setup in the Living Room and speakers going to other zones from the SONY receiver.
Thus I was hoping to simply buy one new item (streamer) that could "send" the music to either my main system in the basement for critical listening or to my Sony receiver for further "distribution" throughout the house and patio.
By "sending" the music I mean; XLR or RCA connectors to my preamp in the main system and then some other means to the Sony (was thinking TOSLINK or RCA but neither seem good for 40ft run) 
thank you maxwave - this looks like perfect solution.

Another part of my questions - what is the general opinion of the Wadia M310 here? the list price and features (No DSD) was such that many people felt this is not good offering but I also understand that the internal DAC is one of the better and when buying this unit used ($1500) then it is a  great deal if one doesn't need DSD....
To that point.... how common is that on the streaming services ?
Is every hi-res streaming service doing DSD ?
DSD can only be downloaded from High Resolution internet site.
It has to be bought. It is expensive
you can not stream  DSD.
one DSD album has as much gigabytes as a 2 hours BlueRay.
And it is only via USB input that it can be played.
Some blueray players and DAC Steamers will not play DSD but will transform the files in PCM format ,and then , play them.
It is not clear if the sound is really better.
I can not help you with Wadia M310
Elton John Madman Across The Water DSD 1.7 Go
yellow Brick Road DSD 3.5 Go
Led Zepplin 1 DSD 1.76 Go
Arcangelo Corelli Concerto Grosso DSD 2.51 Go
( 24 tunes )

It is obvious that DSD is better than MP3
Anything is better than MP3

if you really want to play DSD files, and ready to add another 500$,  TEAC NT 505  is a good  DAC Streamer.

thanks max !

in that case I don't want DSD at this point.... I guess need to just learn if Wadia M330 at the used prices is really good deal.