Question about standby mode on Jolida tube amp

Hi ya,

I just got a Jolida tube amp and I am not sure if I should be completely powering down at night or leaving the amp in standby mode. My wife and I listen to the system around 4 to 6 hours a day -- sometimes as much as 10 if my wife works from home.

Lastly, when I turn the machine off, is it better for the tubes to go from fully on, to standby, to off. Or is it okay to just flip the power switch in the back while the tubes are still glowing?

Thanks for everyone's help with this, and all my other, newbie questions!

Cheers - Marty
With any piece of tube gear, if it has a standby option, put it in standby when shutting down for the night. Doing so will lenghten the life of the tubes. If you're going to be away for an extended time, shut it off.
Stand-by mode keeps your tubes warm, so that when you do power up that there is not as much shock on your tubes. That intial surge of current on a cold tube can shorten a tube's life.