Question about Spectral DMA-100S amplifier

Can you use a different brand of preamp than Spectral for this amplifier? And if you can, is the result good or bad? Also do I have to use MIT interconnects and speaker cable?
What would make you think it's not like most everything else on the market where you can mix and match forever?
Drew W:

Classic Spectral gear features an ultra-wide bandwidth design (from DC to 200 Mhz.) that must be used in all Spectral systems featuring networked MIT cabling that filters out certain types of RF and RFI to prevent the componentry from going into oscillation. Only recently have they started to offer a few components (e.g., a "universal" amplifier) that can be used with other components and non-MIT cabling.
Just to reinforce the point just made---This factor is why I have never ventured t'ward Spectral.---You pretty-much need to go all the way---or stay away.
Interesting info. Thanks!
I have recently A/B'd a McIntosh CV31 with a Spectral DMC 10. Both preamps were powered by a spectral DMA 80 stereo amp. I used MIT T2 interconnects, and MIT CVT 750 speaker cables, a Theta Miles CD player, and PROAC Studio 200 speakers. The MIT cables are definitely NOT the ones required by spectral. How ever since the DMA 80 and the DMC 10 were both built before the advent of this requirement (circa 1980) I don’t think I was in serious danger. I don't doubt for a minute that I wouldn’t love the right cables. I just don't think it is that critical for Spectral units that were built before the spectral/mit cable requirement even existed. I could be wrong about the dates, I’m not an expert. I wouldn’t try this with a brand new pair of 360’s. I digress. I compared the preamps on a spectral amp because I had the opportunity and I want to move to an all Spectral system, and I will have to do it one piece at a time. I wanted to find out what I should by first amp or preamp. In my opinion the DMC 10 preamp sounded better if you are real detail fanatic. I am a real detail fanatic. I could see that some might feel that the DMC 10 had to much high frequency or brightness, I didn’t mind this since I heard details that were new to me on my reference CD’s. As far as the phono stage is concerned the spectral DMC 10 clearly wins. The McIntosh phono stage did not even come close. CD’s were a very different matter. The DMC 10 was better but not by a huge margin. The McIntosh was a little warmer and a little less detailed. It was close enough to the DMC 10 that I knew that I could keep it for awhile longer and get the spectral power amps first.
I had the Spectral 100 watt amp and used non approved cables with an Audible Illusions mod 3A and auditioned a Spectral DC 10 pre.The speakers were Martin Logan CLS 11Z.Never had any problems and preferred the Audible Illusions pre amp.Sorry I let the amp go.
Check the Gryphon preamps; they have a frequency response between 2-4 Mhz.
McCormack TLC was compatible with spectral, or so I remember a spectral dealer whispering into my ear