Question about Snell B with amps and preamps

My room is 15' x 21'. I'd like comments from people who have heard the Snell B with various amps and preamps (or integrateds). Base on your experience, can you recommend an amp and preamp for this speaker, such as the Plinius SA-250 mk IV, with classical music? Thanks in advance.
Is this a Model B or B Minor?
The Snell B, not B Minor. Thanks.
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A good friend of mine has these with a Levinson 27.5, it's a great combo, I suspect the Plinius would also work well.
Well, I used a Levinson 27 with B Minors and it was an excellent match.
I had Type Bs back in the day, and had good luck with Levinson 23.5 - these speakers like juice w/iron-fisted control in the nether regions, and can be tricky to place so that the bass doesn't overwhelm the room.
We used Snell Bs for a long time. They are best with tube amps, being an easy load and it was easy to demonstrate how much better a tube amp was on the speaker, even in the bass. However they are not very efficient so you need a bit of power- I found that for my listening habits (which tend to be on the louder side, often with material that caused a lot of cone excursion :) - 200 watts seemed to do the job if I was really cranking it. They did play nicely on less power though. A lot depends on your listening habits and the size of your room.

At the time it was one of the few speakers that could play without a subwoofer to an honest 22Hz and do so while allowing a 60 tube amp strut its stuff.