Question about shunyata Taipans and copperheads.

Hello, My question is this: Is the "original" Taipan (not the alpha or helix) a better sounding cable than the newer copperhead? I see some of these original Taipans for good prices. thanks, Jim

I would say "different". The Copperhead has a richer, more full bodied tonality but is less detailed than the Taipan. The original Taipan will move images forward and brings out more detail, but may not be ideal for systems that are a tad bright or forward to begin with.

Simplified, the Copperhead may be more ideal for a solid state system, the original Taipan more appropriate for tube based systems.
I would agree with Samuels assessment. There were two versions of the original Taipan the first silver over copper, the later copper. The later version was tonally more neutral and overall better. I do not know how you physically can tell the difference between them.

You can tell the difference by looking at the male contacts on the original Taipan. The more recent version has the silver/rhodium plated blades, while the older version has just brass contacts on the male end.

The more recent iteration uses a much higher grade copper for its conductors as well, which accounted for the more neutral, less forward presentation. I highly recommend the more recent of the two cords, as the original had more of an overt "forward" signature due to the silver plated copper conductors.

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Grant Samuelsen
Mktg/Sales Director
Shunyata Research
I can't attest to the previous versions of the Taipan apart from a pair of the Taipan Alpha with the clear coated coverings on the wires that I had attached to my amp for a couple weeks. that was some time back too... maybe two years ago.... However they sounded fairly neutral... very smooth and not too detailed.

the Taipan Helix are certainly different and as said above are another 50% or so better detailed. Their SS lays just about where the speakers reside and a bit behind them. I use a tubed pre & solid state amp. I should also say the Taipans in my rig add a sweetness to the bandwidth that is most pleasant. Adding a power cord at the next level up either upstream or down will add significantly to the presentation in it's overall dimensions, and gain you a well layered stage too.

I've not tried the Copeerhead however, but Sammuels' post about it should be dead on. Have fun..