Question about selling on Audiogon

Is is better to list items you want to sell eary in the morning, because people tend to click on New Today 1st? THX.
I'd say the opposite is true. I normally don't have time to peek in until at least meal time. However, this may not be applied to die-hard GoNer or someone who is seeking for a particular item.
A little secret: "New Today" reflects a few days worth of stuff. It really doesn't matter what time you list; there are other ways to get more attention to your ad, I suppose.
I check A'Gon early afternoon and also early evening. It's my best guess that listing for early evening viewing east coast time is best to reach max viewers. That said, the best day(s) to list still elude me, but it seems, for some reason, that there are less week-end listings. Anyone? Cheers. Craig.
Yes I understand what your saying, however there probably are alot of die hards, and probably alot like myself who take a peek during the day at work. And I agree its usually after dinner where you would feel like writing an ad. Just wondering if you loose a little exposure posting late in the day.

I usually Check at work before noon if I am looking for something (sometimes even when not). Always spend time at this site and others late at night, when the kids give up computer.
I have had good luck listing items on weekends.
NewToday represents the last 24 hours. Thus, it is continously rolling with each ad appearing for exactly 24 hours on that page. (48 hours if you click "New 2 Days"). Lunchtime, quitting time, and late evening are peak traffic times in terms of daily cycle.

Of more interest is the weekly cycle. The number of "buyers" is relatively consistent throughout the week, but the number of ads posted varies quite a bit. Mondays get the most ads, and Saturdays get the least. But, do you want your ad mixed-in with 300 others (Monday), or only 160 others (Saturday)?
I find that I get the best results when posting an ad during the week. I think you get a lot more people looking at work then after dinner. I tend to post as late as possible on Sunday night or very early monday morning. I assume that where monday is the worst day of your work week you will get the most people scanning the ads at work.

When it comes to auctions the best time I think is Sunday night. I am on the east coast so If I post an auction during the week I try to take in consideration that California is three hours behind and I try to give those people enough time to get home from work and catch the last few minutes of bidding. That is where you usually get the most hits so I will post the ad about ten oclock my time.

A good picture will also sell a lot more product then the best written only ads.
Interesting, feed back. Surprised there is less listing on the weekends. I guess people are busy with other things, but I also think people get a little more excited about buying something, {myself included} on the weekends because their is more time to relax and enjoy the hobby, and we have a few more beers in us !
Good feedback, a clear and accurate description of the product including all flaws and a fair and reasonable price will all have a greater bearing on how quickly an item is sold than what time of day it is listed.
Based on my experience buying and selling using the Internet for the past 5 years, I really don't think the "When" matters. Instead it is always the "What" and, most of all, the "How Much" matter the most. As long as you have a desirable item with reasonable asking price, people will find you even if your ad is buried among thousands of others.