Question about Pioneer Elite DV-45A Universal

I admit it: when it comes to digital, I'm all thumbs. When I play a hybrid SACD, the display first says "SACD," then it goes to "CD," and then it begins playing. How do I know if I'm getting the SACD or CD ouput? I've read the manual, and unless I'm missing something (an option I don't totally discount), I don't see where this is addressed.

Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it? Thanks for your (digital) input.

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Paul Frumkin
In the Initial Settings menu on the OSD, there is a section where you tell the player what part of an SACD you want it to play. The choices are:

- 2 ch Area
- Multi Channel Area
- CD Area

This becomes the default for any SACD put in the player, and can only be changed via the OSD. There is no way to change it on the fly.

I suspect your player is set to default to the CD area of hybrid SACDs. You need to change it to either 2 Ch or Multi Channel to get it to properly play SACDs.
Hi Rex,

You're right -- it was set to CD area. I've corrected it and now I'm hearing SACD. Thanks!

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