Question about Pass Labs X 350.5 meter

Please, I bought this new amplifier sealed) and is connected (stand-by mode by 5 days.
I noticed that when I push the front panel button to activate the amplifier (to listen music!) the
lights will come on and the meter that refletting the bias take about 2 minutes to go between one-third and half way up reflecting the bias.
I ask this because with the previous that I had (Pass X 250.5) when I push the front pannel button the meter was positioned immediately.

a)It 's normal?
b) In "stand by" mode the amplifier run not warm, it's ok? ( Pass 250.5 run quite waem in "stand by mode !)
My system

Linn Lp 12/Linn Ikemy Cd Player/Pass XP20/Kimber Ks 1130/Pass X 350.5/Kimber Ks 3038/JM Lab Utopia "Utopia"
With apologies to Maurjmusic, Terrycollins, that depends on the output of your cd player. The standard cd output is 2 volts, but some cd players have considerably higher output. On the other hand the Pass amps have a rather low input impedance, tends to work best with true balanced inputs (available, but a bit unusual in passive systems). All in all the Pass X 350.5 doesn't appear to be a typically ideal candidate for a passive system.
The needles on my XA160.5 take even longer to get to their normal point. I'd just email Kent at Pass or Mark at Reno. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Hi, Doug yes is the original first Jm Lab Utopia Utopia three-way floorstanding, reflex-loaded the drive-units are : one 1¼" inverted-dome titanium tweeter, two 6½" midrange drivers, one 12" woofer you can check

Hi Doug, I love these speakers and now don't look back. I drive them NOW with pramplifier Spectral Dmc 30 Sl and Pass Labs X 350.5 amplifier . This is a great combo and Spectral Dmc 30 SL is a big step from Pass labs Xp 20. I found XP 20 a little bit harsh, not too much detail and vocals not so much present as with Spectral 30 SL in my system.

Best regards
My older X250 needle takes about 10-15 min to come to its final place.