Question about Pass Labs X 350.5 meter

Please, I bought this new amplifier sealed) and is connected (stand-by mode by 5 days.
I noticed that when I push the front panel button to activate the amplifier (to listen music!) the
lights will come on and the meter that refletting the bias take about 2 minutes to go between one-third and half way up reflecting the bias.
I ask this because with the previous that I had (Pass X 250.5) when I push the front pannel button the meter was positioned immediately.

a)It 's normal?
b) In "stand by" mode the amplifier run not warm, it's ok? ( Pass 250.5 run quite waem in "stand by mode !)
My system

Linn Lp 12/Linn Ikemy Cd Player/Pass XP20/Kimber Ks 1130/Pass X 350.5/Kimber Ks 3038/JM Lab Utopia "Utopia"
Call Pass Labs or Reno HiFi they will have the answer.
I am considering buying a used 350.5. I am driving a ADcom 5500 currently (1.4v) directly from cd player through passive preamp. The 350.5 has inpout sensitivity of 2.75 volts. Will a cd player drive it directly as well? Thanks
Maurjmusic, do you have the original Utopia's.
The one's that used the 13 inch W cone woofer, 6 inch W cone midbases and the Telar 57 tweeter.
If so, how do you like them?
With apologies to Maurjmusic, Terrycollins, that depends on the output of your cd player. The standard cd output is 2 volts, but some cd players have considerably higher output. On the other hand the Pass amps have a rather low input impedance, tends to work best with true balanced inputs (available, but a bit unusual in passive systems). All in all the Pass X 350.5 doesn't appear to be a typically ideal candidate for a passive system.
The needles on my XA160.5 take even longer to get to their normal point. I'd just email Kent at Pass or Mark at Reno. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
My older X250 needle takes about 10-15 min to come to its final place.
Hi, Doug yes is the original first Jm Lab Utopia Utopia three-way floorstanding, reflex-loaded the drive-units are : one 1¼" inverted-dome titanium tweeter, two 6½" midrange drivers, one 12" woofer you can check

Hi Doug, I love these speakers and now don't look back. I drive them NOW with pramplifier Spectral Dmc 30 Sl and Pass Labs X 350.5 amplifier . This is a great combo and Spectral Dmc 30 SL is a big step from Pass labs Xp 20. I found XP 20 a little bit harsh, not too much detail and vocals not so much present as with Spectral 30 SL in my system.

Best regards