Question about older Pioneer PD-75 Player

Does anyone know or remember if the Pioneer PD-75 player used a bare aluminum platter or whether it was supposed to have a mat to place the CD on? My used PD-75 came with no manual so I'm in the dark. Seems strange to set the CD on a bare platter. I was given a manual for the PD-95 transport and its manual indicates the PD-95 came with a "sheet" for the platter but I don't know the composition.
my pd-65 has a rubber mat.

my guess is if you find any thin rubber that you can cut to the same size (be exact), you shoudl be fine.

I used to have a PD75, sold it last year (to buy a Pioneer Elite DV-38A). It definitely had a black felt mat on the platter when I purchased it new in ~1993. Sounds like someone has removed the mat from you PD75.