Question about old turntable

My sister-in-law has an old Beogram 1200. Any idea what it might be worth ?
condition? does it work? Did you see if there are any similar ones on Ebay?
Thanks. I checked ebay. Not an exact much, but some similar items. Looks like it's not worth much. Her best bet is to sell it on ebay and take what she gets.
thanks again. Matt
The synchronous motors used in the early-1970s Beograms (BG1200, BG3000, BG1900, etc.) were quite unreliable, and haven't been available for well over a decade. Thus, their used value is very low . . . too bad, because it is a really cool-looking deck. I think Soundsmith does still have some replacement stylii for the SP10/SP12 cartridges, though.